Easy Moods by Eilidh Milnes
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EasyMoods™ for friends:

Time is priceless and highly valued. Show how much you care for someone by taking time to send a handwritten note to them now.

EasyMoods™ for you:

Each beautifully designed EasyMoods card has been created to help you focus on your feelings and state of mind. They offer an opportunity to identify with your emotions and boost your happiness quotient.  Each card gives you the chance to think through complex feelings and offers a positive thinking affirmation and solution.

Being mindfully aware linked to positive action to is a powerful way to bring about the change you wish to see in your life.

EasyMoods™ cards provide a combination approach to positive mental health, emotional, maturity and resilience.

Positive thinking and mindfulness will assist you to define, accept and understand your feelings which in turn will lead to a deeper understanding and perspective of your own situation and that of others around you.

Each EasyMoods is positively full of inspiration.

Brains behind EasyMoods

Eilidh Milnes provides fresh, radical common-sense solutions and some say, a unique perspective on everyday problems. She inspires audiences to boost their confidence, productivity and resilience through her exuberance and storytelling. As soon as you hear Eilidh speak, you will realise why she’s known as ‘Captain Positive’

Happiness drives success! In "The Positive Advantage" Eilidh embraces her optimistic communication techniques. As a result dramatic improvements have occurred for her clients, which include: public sector; eduction; and blue-chip corporates such as BAE Systems, Barclays, BT, Compass, Hochtief, Morgan Stanley and PwC, plus a wide range of companies and individuals.